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Watch this Racor P510MAM Fuel Polisher Video

P510MAM Fuel Polisher - Fuel Filter/Water Separator

The New Racor Fuel Polisher removes contamination from fuel tanks before it can reach your filters.

Typical onboard fuel filtration solutions block contamination as the fuel flows through 2 or 3 filters on the way to the fuel injection system. With poor quality fuel, filters often plug prematurely and preform unpredictably. Choked filters lead to poor filter performance, increased emissions, and potential damage to engine components.

Depending on the quality and type of fuel, filters that are even partially plugged may exhibit poor water removal and particle retention. Refining the fuel before it reaches these filters insures they work at peak performance throughout their scheduled life.

The Racor fuel polisher is plumbed to the fuel tank to circulate off-line from the rest of the fuel system. Contaminants such as water, dirt, and rust are removed from the fuel delivery circuit, resulting in increased system filter life, better performance, and less chance of unscheduled downtime due to prematurely plugged filters.

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