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High Performance Air Dryers - Racor

Two challenges to the braking and air suspension system are moisture and oil. Racor Compressed Air Dryers set new industry standards for performance, durability, ease of maintenance and efficient operation.

Air. Incredibly, it can stop a 20-ton truck descending through a mountain pass. Raise and lower a city bus thousands of times a day. And cushion paramedics speeding to the hospital. Few systems are so integral to safe operation as air systems – making essential the delivery of clean air, free of moisture, oil and particulates. The twin threats are moisture,which condenses into the airstream during normal daily temperature changes, and oil, which enters the air stream as it blows by compressors. There’s no way to prevent it. Over time, it leads to increased maintenance costs, reduced braking efficiency and, potentially, failure in braking systems. Racor Air Dryers effectively remove moisture and oil vapor from the compressed air system, delivering clean, dry air to braking and air suspension systems.

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