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Tigercat & Racor GreenMax in Diesel Progress

Tigercat engineers and partners work to design machines for the rigors of logging operations


Feller bunchers and skidders typically work as a team during logging operations, traversing difficult terrain that’s often covered in obstacles such as boulders and stumps. The conditions can take a toll on the equipment.


“The forestry application is very rough,” said Steve Bredschneider, a designer for Tigercat Industries who works with its tracked machinery. “We say if a product makes it on a Tigercat machine, it can make it on just about anything out there. We pride ourselves on beating up on things and making them fail during the test phase so we can find better components and get our suppliers to come up to our level.”


“Tigercat’s engineers have to build products to handle harsh environments and accept all types of fuel because they ship all over the world,” said Ed Wiebe, senior territory manager for Parker/Racor in Canada and the northeastern United States.  “The GreenMAX filter is made for Canada and other cold climates. We have three heater options — there’s a heater in the bowl, in the head and the recirculation valve takes fuel coming off the fuel injection system that is hot to heat the filter before it goes back to the tank. This is the best filter for Canada, bar none."



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New Racor Compact Diesel Fuel Filter with Pump: Diesel Progress

June 27, 2018

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