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Throwback Thursday: Racor 200FG on Johnny Carson Show

Back around 1977, in response to recent gasoline shortages and "high" gas prices, GM released a line of cars with an Oldsmobile 350 cid V8 diesel engine under the hood. Great idea except for the painfully slow acceleration and high susceptibility to water corrosion damage. GM failed to equip the cars with fuel/water separators, and paid the price with a tarnished reputation. Racor stepped in to save the day with the new 200FG FF/WS. (Sorry, it's obsolete now--- try a Racor Snapp instead.)

The following clip of is of David Horowitz, (An American consumer advocate, whose popular TV program “Fight Back!” would warn viewers about defective products), on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. The issues at hand were the problem of GM ignoring the “water in fuel problem”, and that the Racor filter, a necessary addition, had not been crash tested. Racor soon had their own crash tests performed and the filter passed the test without incident.

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