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Watch: Tugboat Fleet Modernization with MTU Marine Engines at Sause Bros.

MTU Video:

With a single small wooden tug in the 1930s, Sause Bros. has grown its tugboat and barges fleet to 60 vessels, in the process becoming one of the most respected companies in U.S. marine cargo transportation. One key to Sause Bros. continued success has been a long-term fleet modernization program aiming for increased fuel efficiency towing at higher speeds and lower costs. The company replaced its existing medium-speed marine diesel engines with high-speed marine diesels from MTU. Currently, over one-third of the tugboats and barges in the Sause Bros. fleet are powered by MTU Series 4000 and Series 2000 IRONMEN marine diesel engines.

Parker Racor:

... and all of them are protected by Racor fuel and CCV filtration systems. Check out the video and count how many times you see a Racor product in use.

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