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Brilliant 400/600 Element Upgrade

If you are familiar with the Racor 400/600 series fuel filters, you know the replacement elements come in 3 sizes (R45, R60, & R90) and 3 micron ratings (2, 10, & 30). But did you know there’s an even larger version?

The R125 replacement element is made for flow rates up to 120 gph. But there are very good reasons to choose the R125 for your next element change. For just a few dollars, you can more than double the life of the filter, while increasing water removal efficiency. The R125 uses the same bowl, and fits on the filter head you or your customer already has. So as long as there’s room, the upgrade is a no-brainer.

How it works: Filtering particles out of fuel is relatively easy thing to do. Aquabloc media stops and holds on to particles to protect downstream filters and engines. However water removal isn’t always easy. Biodiesel blends and additives can reduce a water separator’s effectiveness. The low cost solution is to simply increase Aquabloc media area in the form of the R125 element. More media means fuel can pass through media more slowly, making water and particle removal much more effective.

Make a note today to upgrade to the Racor R125 element!

R125S = 2 micron

R125T = 10 micron

R125P = 20 micron

A bigger filter is always better.


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