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Engine Air: Dynamic Air Pre-Cleaners

August 24, 2016

Video Clip: Demonstration of (Composite) Dynamic Air Pre-Cleaner operation


Equipment operated in dusty environments require more periodic maintenance and experience more down time. The filter element in the air cleaner requires more frequent replacement as the level of dust increases. A plugged filter reduces power, fuel economy, and engine component life.


Racor Composite Dynamic Air Pre-cleaners (EACP series) separate solid dust and debris from the air stream before they reach the main air cleaner. They are installed in place of the rain cap, dust bowl, or aspirated precleaner (exhaust system). In some applications, they can be mounted directly to the air cleaner. Air enters through static vanes at the bottom periphery of the precleaner causing the air to spin and drive a high velocity rotor, which in turn acts as a blower that centrifugally forces dust, dirt, insects, water, and snow through a discharge port. Pre-cleaned air then flows through the outlet to the main air cleaner system and extend the life of the primary air filter from 5 to over 12 times, greatly increasing the air cleaner service interval, reducing
operating cost, and increasing equipment up-time.


Product Features: • High efficiency • Light weight • Durable • Rust/corrosion resistant • UV Resistant • Sealed bearings • No maintenance • Limited Lifetime Warranty


Other Racor Dynamic Air Pre-cleaners:



AFAP Series  (page 23 of brochure below)

Heavy-Duty Off-Highway Air Pre-Cleaners
For Agriculture, Construction and Stationary Applications


AFHP Series (page 24)
Heavy-Duty On-Highway Pre-Cleaners
For Mobile Equipment Applications


AFUP Series (page 25)
On-Highway/Off-Highway Air Pre-Cleaners
For Under-Hood Applications


Spinaire Series (page 26)
Engine Air Precleaners


EACP Series (page 27)
Composite Dynamic Air Precleaners



Air Filtration Products and Custom Solutions Brochure




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