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BoatUS: Racor 500MA Filter Change

Video Clip: Mike Corke, Associate Editor for BoatU.S. Magazine demonstrates how to change out a Racor 500MA fuel filter element (edited)

Changing out your Racor primary filter element isn't difficult, but there are a few things you should prepare for before undertaking the task. BoatUS shows you the main points to consider. In addition to what the video shows, there are some other considerations:

1. Shut off valves added before and after the Racor separator prevent excess air from getting into the fuel lines, making the restart process easier.

2. Before removing the element, loosen the T-handle, crack the lid and drain fuel down to just below the filter element.

3. The bowl is not glass. It is very high quality chemical resistant plastic.

4. If your element is as dirty as the video shows, and the inside of the Racor housing is as dirty as you can see here, it's time to consider getting your fuel system flushed and tank cleaned out or replaced.

5. Some boat owners prefer a tighter micron rated element than the common 30 micron. Going all the way down to "2 micron" (4 micron @ 98% efficiency) is acceptable if your aim is to reduce maintenance of the on-engine element (and you carry spares). But if your fuel and fuel tank is this dirty, you should consider sticking to 10 or 30 micron until your can get things cleaned up.

6. It's best to use a a precision picking tool to remove gaskets and o-rings. A screwdriver risks damaging sealing surfaces unless you are very careful.

7. After installing the new element, and before closing the lid, top off the filter housing with new, clean fuel up to within 1/2 inch of the top. Bleeding air out of the fuel system might not be necessary.

8. Always carry tools and spare elements to allow changing both the primary and secondary filters.

Published on Jun 12, 2015:

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