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FAQ Spotlight: Turbine Series Filters with Black Endcaps?

Way back in 2015 Racor changed the filter media sealing process to more of an embedding process. The type and amount of Aquabloc media, and the superior filtration performance, remains the same. Yes, the black end cap element diameter is slightly smaller, which improves flow and helps with water removal.

Improvements include:

• Easy grip bail design (bails moved to top of element)

• New side-seam sealing process eliminates metal v-clip.

• Fits all models of Racor Turbine Series FF/WS

• Uses trusted Aquabloc® 2, 10 or 30 micron media.

Part Numbers

OLD Part# Current Part #

2020TM-OR 2020N-10

2020PM-OR 2020N-30 2020SM-OR 2020N-02 2040TM-OR 2040N-10 2040PM-OR 2040N-30 2040SM-OR 2040N-02 2020TM 2020N-10 2020SM 2020N-02 2020PM 2020N-30

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