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Fittings Fuel Polisher - Racor

​Part Numbers: RK45043 and RK45044Fuel Polisher fittings are now available. The M16-1.5 to 3/8”-18 and the M16-1.5 1/2”-14 fittings can be used as adapters for the P510MAM Fuel Polisher assemblies.

Fittings for P510MAM Fuel Polisher

Bulletin RSL0271

SNAPP Filter Fittings - Racor

​2 Pack Quick-Connect Fittings Kit SNAPP 90° and straight fittings are now available with hose barbs for both 3/8” & 5/16” ID hose. 

SNAPP Fuel Filter Fittings: SAE J2044 Quick Connect Fittings For Mobile and Marine SNAPP Fuel Filters

Bulletin RSL0199

Water-In-Fuel Probes - Racor

​Racor has redesigned all of our passive 2-wire WIF’s to be more robust and feature gold plated metallic probe tips and water-tight, detachable and locking wiring harness connectors. Racor’s new WIF’s are also available in three versions and colors.

Water-In-Fuel (WIF) Probes

Engineering Bulletin EB00007

7501 WIF Probes - Racor

​Updated WIF parts extracted from 7501 Brochure.

Water Detection (WIF) Probes (From Marine Brochure)

Excerpt: RSL7501 WIF Probe 

Bowl Consolidation - Racor

Effective March 2018, all 300, 400, 600 and 700 Series contaminant collection bowl part numbers are consolidated to two groups, heated and non-heated.

Bowls: 300 / 400 / 600 / 700 Series Part Consolidation

Bulletin RSL0364

Fuel Filter Gauges - Racor

​Improved Fuel Pressure & Restriction Gauges: Stainless Steel case • Increased diameter to 2.5 inches • Polycarbonate lens • Internal needle locking mechanism • Internal sealing at fitting,lens, and pressure relief valve • Stainless Steel Tee-Handle kit.

Pressure & Restriction Gauges For Fuel Products

Bulletin RSL0342

Stainless Steel T-handle Vacuum Gauge - Racor

​Fits 900,1000 and "Long T-Handle" 500FG Turbine Series fuel filter/water separators, including UL marine listed models (MA versions). This gauge kit fits 500FG's that have a T-handle with a 1" long thread shaft. Check length before purchasing.

900/1000 Turbine Series Stainless Steel T-handle Vacuum Gauge Kit RK19671

Bulletin RSL0274 

GreenMAX Retrofit Kit - Racor

The new RK61776 universal frame-mounted retrofit kit allows customers to conveniently and easily upgrade to GreenMAX fuel filter/water separators.

GreenMAX™ Frame Mount Universal Retrofit Kit

Bulletin RSL0322

Fuel Heaters - Racor

Why You Need A Racor Fuel Heater:

All diesel fuels (other than #1 diesel) contain dissolved waxes. At cold temperatures wax crystallizes, leading to fuel gelling and filter plugging.

Diesel Fuel Heaters

Brochure 7749

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