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Marine Filtration - Racor

​Models that include an aluminum bowl or stainless steel shield meet ASTM FS1201 certification, are UL-listed, American Bureau of Shipping, Veritas, ISO 10088, and USCG accepted.

Marine Filtration Systems

Brochure RSL7501

SNAPP Series - Racor

​SNAPP is big protection for small engines up to 40 gph, and every filter change is fast, easy, and clean.

SNAPP Marine and Mobile FF/WS

Brochure RSL0144

SNAPP fittings - Racor

2 Pack Quick-Connect Fittings Kit SNAPP 90° and straight fittings are now available with hose barbs for both 3/8” & 5/16” ID hose. 

SNAPP Fuel Filter Fittings: SAE J2044 Quick Connect Fittings For Mobile and Marine SNAPP Fuel Filters

Bulletin RSL0199

Turbine T-handle Gauge - Racor

Fits 900,1000 and "Long T-Handle" 500FG Turbine Series fuel filter/water separators, including UL marine listed models (MA versions). This gauge kit fits 500FG's that have a T-handle with a 1" long thread shaft. Check length before purchasing.

900/1000 Turbine Series Stainless Steel T-handle Vacuum Gauge Kit RK19671

Bulletin RSL0274 

Turbine Primer Pump - Racor

Turbine Series retrofit Fuel Primer Pump Kit is designed for marine, genset, and mobile applications. Available in 12 volt (RKP1912) and 24 volt (RKP1924).

Racor 900 and 1000 Fuel Filter Water Separator Priming Pump Installation For RKP1912 & RKP1924

Instruction 7585

Marine Gasoline Filtration - Racor

​Marine gasoline fuel filter/water separators for inboard and/or outboard engine applications.

Gasoline Fuel Filters For Marine Applications

Brochure 7702

Fuel Polisher - Racor

​The Racor Fuel Polisher removes contamination at the source - the fuel tank.

P510MAM Multipass Fuel Polisher

Brochure RSL0151

P510MAM fittings - Racor

Fuel Polisher fittings are now available. The M16-1.5 to 3/8”-18 and the M16-1.5 1/2”-14 fittings can be used as adapters for the P510MAM Fuel Polisher assemblies.

Fittings for P510MAM Fuel Polisher

Bulletin RSL0271

Marine Spin-on Clear Bowls - Racor

Parker Racor gasoline spin-on filters with clear plastic collection bowls have helped protect engines for over 30 years. During that time, gasoline formulations changed, and Racor changed bowl material formulations as well to stay compatible.

Marine Gasoline Spin-on Filters with Clear Bowls

Bulletin RSL0224

Turbine Installation Instructions - Racor

​This link opens a Google Drive folder with Installation Instructions and replacement part lists.

Turbine Series Installation Instructions

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