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Racor Market Application Publications: Fuel Dispensing Success Stories

Fuel Dispensing Filtration: FBO-10 and FBO-14 Fuel Filter/Water Separator For School Bus Fleet

RSL0337 - APRIL 2017

A N.C.Washington County bus garage was struggling with water, dirt and bacterial
contamination in their stored diesel fuel.

Fuel Dispensing Filtration: FC-20-1-120V Portable Fuel Cart For Diesel Ambulance Fleet


The Ambulance company needed a fuel filtration system that could remove contaminants and water before fueling their ambulance fleet common rail fuel systems.

Fuel Dispensing Filtration: FBO-10-DPL Fuel Filter Water Separator For Diesel Tank


Smith County School Bus Department, located in Tennessee, was experiencing high water concentration in fuel from above ground tank. Their current filtration system was not able to handle the high volume (30 gpm) flow, capacity and coalescing they needed.

Fuel Dispensing Filtration: FBO Fuel Filter Water Separator For Bulk Fuel Trucks


Davidson County uses the FBO units on their gas and diesel pumps, and RVFS-3 units for their bulk trucks with great success. The FBO-10 units were installed on their bulk fuel trucks to ensure the delivery of clean, dry, fuel. Davidson County likes the ease of service, ability to drain water, and extended filter life they are getting from the FBO system. Now, clean, dry, fuel can be delivered to their school buses.

Fuel Dispensing Filtration: FBO Fuel Filter Water Separator FBO-14 for County Bus Fleet


The county bus fleet was experiencing fuel injection system failures due to water and contamination in their fuel supply. This required ongoing expensive fuel system repairs and unscheduled downtime. This put a strain on their maintenance budget and interfered with their ability to provide bus service for students.

Fuel Dispensing Filtration: FBO-14-DPL on IHC Fuel Truck


The customer uses bulk fuel trucks to go out to highway construction sites to re-fuel equipment. They were concerned about the quality of the fuel being transported and the need to provide clean/dry fuel to the field equipment. They wanted to make sure they eliminated unnecessary downtime due to bad fuel.


Fuel Dispensing Filtration: FBO-14-DPL & RVFS-3 for Bus Fleet


The customer operates a bus fleet for the school district. New underground tanks were installed. The customer had lost three engines and a number of injectors since the new underground tanks were installed. 

FBO-14-DPL Fuel Filter/Water Separator Provides CLEANDiesel® For School Bus Fleets


Chicago’s school bus fleets have over 40 fuel dispensing pumps.  During the recent winter, severe water in-fuel problems were discovered in the storage tanks, resulting in several disabled and stranded buses.

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Fuel Dispensing Filtration: FC-16-25 Portable Fuel Cart For Standby Power Generators


Parker Racor’s portable units are a cost effective way to filter diesel and biodiesel in storage. The Portable Fuel Filtration System delivers high efficiency removal of harmful contaminants.

Fuel Dispensing Filtration: FBO-14-DPL Fuel Filter Water Separator For Diesel Refueling Station


Guilford County was having difficulties filtering water and contaminants from the diesel pumps used to refuel their EMS vehicles.

Transportation & Fuel Dispensing Filtration: 690R, 4120R, and FBO-14 For Fuel Distribution Company


Poor fuel quality was shortening the life of engine fuel filters on distribution trucks used by the customer. This created an assortment of problems, ranging from worn piston rings to destroyed injectors, increasing down-time and repair costs. With re-fueling stations in remote locations, and extreme conditions affecting fuel quality and delivery, Petrocity needed a reliable filtration system to address these problems.

Fuel Dispensing Filtration: FBO-14 FF/WS for School Bus Fleet


The school bus fleet had a severe problem with water in their fuel causing the need for expensive repairs to their fuel injection systems as well as extended down time. This was a strain on the maintenance budget and their ability to provide bus service for students.

Fuel Dispensing Filtration: FBO-14-DPL for School Bus Fleet


The Polk County School District maintains a bus fleet. The fleet began experiencing issues with their diesel engine fuel injection systems.This increased service cost as well as maintenance down-time. After inspection, it was discovered that the fuel dispensing pump did not use any type of dispensing filter.


Fuel Dispensing Filtration: FBO Fuel Filter/Water Separator FBO-14-DPL


The customer’s fuel dispensing pumps contain bio-diesel and E85 fuels, installed with water absorbing spin-on elements, filtering between 800 to 900 gallons of fuel, before plugging up and shutting down fuel flow.

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