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Racor Product and Part Number Updates - North America

2020 October: New 2020V/2040V Replacement Elements

Effective October, 2020: New Turbine “V” Series Service Filters 2020V/2040V fuel filter/water separator service filters for new Racor Turbine Series FV and VMA assemblies.

2017 October Transfer: RV Series Housings and Replacement Elements

Effective November 1, 2017: Parker Engine Mobile OE Division (Formally Racor Division) is moving the sale of RV Series housings and replacement elements to Parker’s HFF division.

2017 March: Product Change: Fuel Pressure & Restriction Gauges (EB00052)

Racor is pleased to announce the following improvements to the Fuel Pressure and Restriction Gauge product family: The overall product improvements will provide more robust gauges from an industry leader that are customized for fuel filtration markets.

2016 June: New 2020N & 2040N Turbine Filters (EB00048)

Introducing the NEW 2020N and 2040N series of fuel filters for all Turbine Series assemblies.

2016 April: CV Hose Part Number Update (RSL0283)

CV Hose Superceded Part Numbers. Please refer to the table in the brochure for a list of the new CV Hose part numbers. Please update your part number reference to reflect the change. Pricing remains the same.

2016 April: 2020N/2040N Turbine Series Filters (RSL0015)

Racor Introduces the New 2020/2040 Fuel Filter/Water Separator Element

2016 February: Bowl Consolidation: 300/400/600/700 Series (RSL0364)

Effective March 2016, all 300, 400, 600 and 700 Series contaminant collection bowl part numbers will be consolidated to two groups, heated and non-heated. See charts on next page for affected part numbers.

2015 November: Fuel Filtration Products: Filter Media Change (EB00038)

November 2015 /

Racor Division of Parker Hannifin received notification from our filter media suppliers that one of their key suppliers of cellulose pulp will be closing their manufacturing facility. Our filter media suppliers have qualified new pulp suppliers and started the transition process of converting the Racor filter media grades.

2015 June: Marine Gasoline Spin-on Filters with Clear Bowls - Gasoline with Ethanol Compatibility (EB00033)

Parker Racor gasoline spin-on filters with clear plastic collection bowls have helped protect engines for over 30 years. During that time, gasoline formulations changed, and Racor changed bowl material formulations as well to stay compatible.

2015 June: Gasoline Spin-on Filters Marine Filter Maintenance (RSL0238)

Boating Fuel System Maintenance Summer is here and it’s time to go boating! But let’s be safe boaters while we’re having fun. Prepare your boat properly and take the time to ensure all components are in working, safe order.

2014 December: RK56238 & RK56240-01 WIF Kits (EB00028)

Racor introduces two stainless steel water-in-fuel (WIF) probes as options for use with our diesel marine fuel filter/water separators using metal bowls, such as our legendary ‘MAM’ Turbine Series.

2014 September: Redesigned Water-In-Fuel (WIF) Probes (EB00007)

Racor has redesigned all of our passive 2-wire WIF’s to be more robust and feature gold plated metallic probe tips and watertight, detachable and locking wiring harness connectors.

2014 June: 900/1000 Turbine Series - New Diesel Fuel Heater Design (EB00005)

Effective August 2013, Racor will introduce a newly designed diesel fuel heater for use in all 900 and 1000, FG and FH Turbine Series fuel filter/water separators, including multiplex units.

2013 October: RK23284 Turbine Series Stainless Steel T-handle/Vacuum Gauge Kit (EB00013)

Beginning July 2013, Racor will introduce our redesigned Turbine Series T-handle /vacuum gauge kit. The new T-handle will be made of 304 stainless steel and can be removed or installed without tools.

2012 February: RK23191 Marine Water-InFuel (WIF) Probe Marine - Type Approved For All Vessels (EB00002)

Racor announces a new, all-steel and ceramic water-in-fuel (WIF) probe designed to meet new IMO Marine Requirements.

2011 March: Biodiesel Filtration Recommendations (7679)

Biodiesel is a diesel fuel produced by the chemical refining of vegetable oils into “fatty acid methyl esters”, or FAME. Glycerin is removed in the refining process, lowering the oil viscosity to match diesel fuel. Pure biodiesel is most often added to diesel fuel in a 2%, 5%, or 20% blend — referred to as B2, B5, or B20 respectively.

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