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Fuel Filtration Systems

​Racor has quality-certified manufacturing, engineering and distribution in place around the world, so no matter where you are you can rely on Racor to solve tough filtration problems from the refinery to the engine.

Brochure RSL7529

Fuel Filtration Systems - Racor
Diesel Fuel Heaters

Why You Need A Racor Fuel Heater:

All diesel fuels (other than #1 diesel) contain dissolved waxes. At cold temperatures wax crystallizes, leading to fuel gelling and filter plugging.

Brochure 7749

Diesel Fuel Heaters - Racor
SNAPP Mobile and Marine FF/WS

The SNAPP filter/separator’one-piece, spin-welded nylon-6 polymer construction means that there are no replacement seals and provides biodiesel compatibility at blend levels up to B20.

Brochure RSL0144

SNAPP Fuel Filtration - Racor
GreenMAX™ Series Fuel Filter/Water Separator With All Weather Options

​GreenMAX is engineered to deliver a low cost filter change-out, low-cost per operation and environmentally friendly filter disposal. 

Brochure RSL0145

GreenMAX Fuel Filtration - Racor
GreenMAX™ Frame Mount Universal Retrofit Kit

​The new RK61776 universal frame-mounted retrofit kit allows customers to conveniently and easily upgrade to GreenMAX fuel filter/water separators.

Bulletin RSL0322

GreenMAX Retrofit Kit - Racor
SNAPP Fuel Filter Fittings: SAE J2044 Quick Connect Fittings For Mobile and Marine SNAPP Fuel Filters

​2 Pack Quick-Connect Fittings Kit SNAPP 90° and straight fittings are now available with hose barbs for both 3/8” & 5/16” ID hose. 

Bulletin RSL0199

SNAPP Fuel Filter Fittings - Racor
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