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Racor Pump System Products Literature

P510MAM Multipass Fuel Polisher

​The Racor Fuel Polisher removes contamination at the source - the fuel tank.

Brochure RSL0151

Fuel Polisher - Racor
Fittings for P510MAM Fuel Polisher

​Part Numbers: RK45043 and RK45044


Fuel Polisher fittings are now available. The M16-1.5 to 3/8”-18 and the M16-1.5 1/2”-14 fittings can be used as adapters for the P510MAM Fuel Polisher assemblies.

Bulletin RSL0271

P510MAM Fittings - Racor
P-Series Fuel Conditioning Modules

​The Racor P-Series have DC motor driven fuel pumps. The 12V pump was designed for off-engine mounting.

Brochure 7632

Filter Pump - Racor
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