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Racor Pump System Products Literature

P510MAM Multipass Fuel Polisher

​The Racor Fuel Polisher removes contamination at the source - the fuel tank.

Brochure RSL0151

Fuel Polisher - Racor
Racor 900 and 1000 Fuel Filter Water Separator Priming Pump Installation For RKP1912 & RKP1924

Turbine Series retrofit Fuel Primer Pump Kit is designed for marine, genset, and mobile applications. Available in 12 volt (RKP1912) and 24 volt (RKP1924).

Brochure 7585

Turbine Series Primer Pump Kit - Racor
Fittings for P510MAM Fuel Polisher

​Part Numbers: RK45043 and RK45044


Fuel Polisher fittings are now available. The M16-1.5 to 3/8”-18 and the M16-1.5 1/2”-14 fittings can be used as adapters for the P510MAM Fuel Polisher assemblies.

Bulletin RSL0271

P510MAM Fittings - Racor
P-Series Fuel Conditioning Modules

​The Racor P-Series have DC motor driven fuel pumps. The 12V pump was designed for off-engine mounting.

Brochure 7632

Filter Pump - Racor
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