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Racor Market Application Publications: Marine Market Success Stories

Marine Filtration: SNAPP™ Fuel Filter Water Separator For Recreational Fishing Boat


Customer Quote: “It fit perfectly, and the package of different size connectors made it easy to make the tight corners. It snapped right on, and I have no more unnecessary bend in my fuel line.”

Marine Filtration: Turbine Series Fuel Filter Water Separators 791000MAV and 75900MAX for Workboat


The customer has one of the largest water pumping capacity boats in the world. It is 140’ long and is capable of pumping 50,000 gallons per minute. It’s powered by four large MTU marine diesel engines. The customer wanted the best fuel/water separation and filtration available to avoid costly downtime and maintenance.

Marine Filtration: AFM Air Filter AF M501212


Cummins Marine engines require air cleaners for their intake system to deliver clean air to the turbo. The challenge was keeping the engine free from carpet fibers, dust, water, salt and other contaminants. The boat owner needed an air filter to remove these contaminants from incoming air and protect the Cummins Engines from dust contamination.


Marine Filtration: Fuel Polisher P510MAM


The competitor filter the customer had installed on the Endeavor Catameran boat was too big and difficult to service. Because of the limited space the customer was looking for a filter that was easy to service and compact in size, while still providing premium filtration.

Marine Filtration: SNAPP™ Fuel Filter Water Separator 23106-10 for Sailboat


The customer saw the SNAPP Fuel Filter Water Separator at the IBEX show in Tampa, Florida. He selected the SNAPP for the trusted Parker Racor name, the small product package size, ease of nstallation /service and the fitting flexibility.

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Marine Filtration: ACE-IND-M01P Crankcase Ventilation System For Diesel Engine


The Racor industrial ACE (Aerosol Coalescer for Engines) Crankcase Ventilation (CV) System (with media) is a high performance, blow-by separator. It is capable of delivering >98% gravimetric efficiency at engine full load and rated speed. By using the integral pump system, flow pressure losses are overcome, making it suitable for closed or open emission control applications.

Marine Filtration: SNAPP™ Fuel Filter Water Separator 23106-10 for Outboard Engine


The Racor SNAPP is installed on the Oxe engine. This fuel filter water separator includes the powerful protection of patented, world-class Aquabloc® filter media and the Racor trademark clear bowl that allows for at-a-glance inspection of fuel system integrity.

Marine Filtration: SNAPP™ Fuel Filter Water Separator 23299-02 for Fisherman Boat


Why was Racor was Chosen as the Solution? 


The SNAPP fuel filter water separator offered extended filter life with Aquabloc® media. It was easy to install; easy and quick to service.. 

75804MA Turbine Series Fuel Filter On Commercial Research Vessel


A 200’ Commercial Research Vessel, was inspected and classed by Det Norske Veritas (DNV).


Racor’s 75804 unit was chosen as the solution for it’s 100% steel construction housing, durable steel mouting brackets, and steel/high pressure glass water sight-gauge. The assembly contains Racor’s 2020 cartridge element for its dirt holding capacity and water removal features.

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