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Racor Market Application Publications: Power Generation Success Stories

Power-Gen Filtration: ECO-II Series Spin-on Air Filter For Kohler Generator Set

RSL0331 / March 2017

The ECO Series offers faster, safer, more trouble-free service than any other air cleaner today. Built for rugged use, it combines maximum engine protection with fuel-efficient performance and long service life.

Power-Gen Filtration: ECO-SE Air Cleaner Assembly For Generac SG500 Gaseous Industrial Generator


The Racor ECO-SE air cleaner series offer a low cost, high performance design that is easy to install and service. The straight through design minimizes air flow restriction and maximizes dust holding capacity in a smaller package.

Fuel Dispensing Filtration: FC-16-25 Portable Fuel Cart For Standby Power Generators


Parker Racor’s portable units are a cost effective way to filter diesel and biodiesel in storage. The Portable Fuel Filtration System delivers high efficiency removal of harmful contaminants.

CCV6000 Closed Crankcase Ventilation System For Converted Doosan Engine


An engine packager needed a crankcase ventilation solution to remove oily aerosols from a Doosan 22L engine converted to run on natural gas. The Doosan engine is used as a generator in gas drilling operations and needed to meet EPA emissions specifications.


CV8001 Open Crankcase Ventilation System for Ski Resort Application


Environmental concerns and legislation to control crankcase emissions have increased significantly. To further reduce the emissions from engines,in some applications it is necessary to close the crankcase breather system, routing these gases into the air intake system.

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Power-Gen Filtration: CCV4500 For Kohler Generator Set

RSL0330 / March 2017

Generator sets (GenSet) require crankcase breather filtration to protect the engine intake system from blow-by gases. It also keeps the genset enclosure free from oil mist residue that would be emitted from the engine if there was no filtration system on the crankcase breather.


Power-Gen Filtration: Crankcase Ventilation System CCV12000


Racor CCV Series holds an outstanding reputation for designing the best crankcase filtration systems in the world. The Racor CCV12000 system allows all combinations to be filtered and returned to the clean air intake manifold.

Power-Gen Filtration: Heavy-Duty Air Cleaner EAVLR68199 for Mobile Generator


Kohler mobile generators are dependable power anywhere, from remote construction sites to public events to storm recovery. They’re built to withstand the elements and run for long hours in prime and standby applications.

Dual CCV12000-08 Crankcase Filtration Ventilation System For Standby Power Generator


Crankcase blow-by is produced when combustion gases under high pressure are blown passed the piston rings into the crankcase. The extreme crankcase blow-by experienced on these engines caused operating environments to be undesirable.

Racor’s Closed (CCV) and Open (CV) Crankcase Ventilation Systems Help Comply with RICE-NESHAP Regulations


Racor’s open and closed crankcase filters remove particles of contamination and oil mist. Racor’s crankcase ventilation systems help comply with RICE-NESHAP requirements by capturing and recycling hazardous air pollutants.


DynaCell® Series Air Cleaner For Gen Set Application


The customer was experiencing worn

piston rings, scored cylinder liners,

excessive blowby, excessively worn or

failed turbo chargers, fouled charge air

coolers, and excessive sludge buildup.


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