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Published Articles Featuring Racor Products


February 2017

Racor’s new Compact P Series filter combines a fuel filter/ water separator with a 12v pump; and is designed for small diesel engines.The Aquabloc Synergy media provides fuel filtration and water separation in a single module more easily packaged on smaller engine applications.

CLEARING THE AIR - Diesel Progress

June 2016

The Parker Racor division of Parker Hannifin recently launched a new line of low-profile, high-capacity air cleaners. During the development process for the three-stage ECO-TL Series — the TL stands for Twist-Lock — the company said its priorities were to ensure an extended service life and ease of maintenance.

An Ounce of PREVENTION…How to prevent — and clean up — fuel spills on the water.

Nov - Dec 2015

For recreational boaters, the most
obvious source of fuel spills occurs
at the fuel dock. There are tools to
prevent these minor spills

Dealing With Diesel - Northern Breezes

"Dealing with Diesel" by Phil Peterson for Northern Breezes.


Great article about avoiding diesel fuel contamination problems.


Features Racor dual turbine series filters.

Two New Oil Categories - Heavy Duty Trucking

July 2015

To meet the twin goals of decreased fuel consumption and reduced CO2 emissions, many nex-gen engines will run at higher temperatures, so the oil protecting them from wear factors will have to be formulated to withstand more heat.

How to Make a Good Boat Even Better - Power & Motoryacht

March 2015

A duplex fuel-water separator like the twin Racor 751000 MAX unit makes sense for one giant reason—it lets a boat owner employ one canister to actually process fuel while the other waits in reserve. Should a fuel problem obtrude, all the owner has to do is throw the yellow valve handle and, presto,he’s back in business.

M&D Distributors - Diesel Progress

September 2014

It takes fuel to get fuel and as it has for decades, diesel dominates where hundreds of oil and natural gas drill rigs are positioned over shale plays across North America. Diesel engines have evolved and the new emissions-compliant, highpressure common rail (HPCR) power plants have made spec’ing and maintaining proper fuel filtration more important than ever. 

GreenMAX - First Line of Defense - Diesel Progress

The GreenMAX integrated fuel filter/water separator from Racor is engineered to protect the life of engine-mounted high-efficiency fuel filters, thereby improving the performance of the entire fuel delivery system.  GreenMAX was originally developed at the request of a major over-the-road truck manufacturer.

Going Upstream For Fuel Quality - Filtration Article in Diesel Progress

Precision of modern engine fuel systems moves development focus on filtration technology farther up the distribution channel. Having access to clean diesel fuel has always been an important way to ensure machine uptime and reduce costly repairs and warranty claims.

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Pumped For Pollock: National fisherman

June 2016

Florida yard converts a second New England mackerel boat into a Bering Sea pollock trawler: the F/V Defender.


This is a catcher vessel that fishes the species pollock around Dutch Harbor in the Bearing Sea. It is a 1st class fishing vessel owned by Global Seas. The boat holds the largest amount of fish among the catcher vessel fleet.

Mythbusters: Fuel Filters - Passagemaker Magazine

Jan - Feb 2016

By Steve Zimmerman


Every cruising powerboat has a primary fuel filter, and Parker Hannifan’s Racor line dominates the market. 


Understanding how fuel filters work will help guarantee a safer engine room.

Racor Fuel Polishing - Points East Magazine

August 2015

Article by Bill Hezlep.  

... The third leg – clean diesel fuel – is more of a problem. If you use your boat hard – drive it south for the winter, do the Great Loop, make those two-week cruises, regularly fish offshore, pull traps every day – contaminated diesel fuel becomes a fact of life that falls under the heading of Sooner or Later it Will Happen. Sooner or later you’ll get some dirty diesel.

Tigercat Industries - Diesel Progress

May 2015

“The GreenMAX filter is made for Canada

and other cold climates. We have three heater options — there’s a heater in the bowl, in the head and the recirculation valve takes fuel coming off the fuel injection system that is hot to heat the filter before it goes back to the tank. This is the best filter for Canada, bar none."

Racor Fuel Filtration & Dosing Module - Diesel Progress International

October 2014

A new primary and secondary fuel filtration module with an integrated hydrocarbon dosing system and electric pump has been developed by the Racor Division of Parker

Hannifin’s Filtration Group. The system was developed to help heavy-duty trucks meet

Euro 6 emissions standards.

CCV Solution for RICE NESHAP - Diesel Progress

Stationary engine regulations require crankcase filtration systems for tens of thousands of existing engines.  RICE NESHAP applies to what the EPA calls “existing” stationary reciprocating internal combustion engines,which are those that were installed before June 12, 2006.

Making Fuel Filtration a SNAPP - Filtration Article in Diesel Progress

The new SNAPP filter/separator from the Racor Division of Parker Hannifin Corp. is a compact filter designed for smaller gasoline, diesel and biodiesel engines up to 140 hp, such as those found in light towers, pressure washers, outboard boats and compact tractors.

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