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Racor's New Marine Fuel Filter SNAPP.

Actually there is no "spin-on" at all!

In fact it’s a snap—the all new all plastic Racor SNAPPTM fuel filter/water separator that is.

All boat owners know the value of adding quality fuel filtration to guard against dreaded engine low power or shutdown due to water and contaminants in their fuel. The standard insurance on small boats is adding a spin-on fuel filter/water separator to the system.

But if there are fuel problems, operators may find themselves changing a fuel filter while underway--- a situation that normally requires at least a strap wrench, a bucket, and maybe some elbow grease. Not a pleasant picture.

To the rescue is Racor’s new all-plastic SNAPPTM fuel filter/water separator that packs high performance features into a rugged, corrosion-proof package. One look and you’ll see it’s different from just about everything else out there. We found that if quick and easy servicing is the goal, then this filter might be the answer.

The SNAPPTM has a one piece body and clear bowl that allows for visual inspection just like other spin-on units. But this one doesn’t have seals to swell or threads to bind—making on-the-go filter change outs quick, clean, and painless. Just snap the unit into its stainless steel bracket and snap on the quick disconnect fittings and you’re done!

Looking at the specifications we noted that the SNAPPTM uses genuine Racor Aquabloc® media so it’s going to perform like you expect a Racor filter to perform. The drain and bowl themselves are familiar Racor designs so draining any contaminants or water will be just as easy.

First time installation of the SNAPPTM was almost as easy as regular servicing. The universal stainless steel bracket has mounting holes that fit many popular existing mounting locations on your boat. So the next time you need an upgrade or a new installation, give the SNAPPTM a look!

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