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Racor: The Leading Edge of Media Development

The Racor R&D Engineering group has over 30 years of diesel fuel filter/water separator media development experience. Advanced and realistic media testing capabilities, which address all the basic functions required of diesel fuel filter/water separators, are routinely used for media development.

OEM specific requirements are met by tailoring media to provide optimum performance in any area that may be of particular concern. These custom designed media are offered to OEM customers, along with patented element features, which help capture the replacement element market. These patent features guarantee that only high quality original equipment fuel filter elements will be readily available to the end user; assuring that expensive diesel fuel systems are fully protected from contamination.

Racor's diverse media development programs are advancing knowledge of the chemical treatments needed to give specific reactivity to the surfaces of media. This is important for understanding the action of separating water from today's diesel fuels. New fiber technologies being investigated have pushed fiber diameters from micron down to nano-sized to greatly improve particle removal and service life.

As filter dimensions have decreased, the demands on filter media have led Racor to composited medias; where a high efficiency structural support layer is married to several melt-blown synthetic layers, resulting in dramatically higher amounts of dirt holding capacity and water removal efficiency when compared to the standard base layer alone.

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