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Racor's Aquabloc Filtration Media - It's Complicated

The Racor R&D Engineering group has over 30 years of fuel, oil, and air media development experience. Here is a brief description of the types of media used to further the science and art of fuel and oil filtration:

Spunbonded Synthetic Media

Hydrophobic synthetic filaments create a strong, chemically resistant water and particulate barrier media. Used for lube oil, fuel filtration, and as a structural support in layered filter media systems.

Specially Treated Cellulose:

Cellulose fibers sometimes mixed with a small percentage of microglass fibers. Specially treated with hydrophobic resin systems to bind the fibers together and enhance emulsion separation. Used for suction side or emulsion water separation. Untreated cellulose is used for lube oil or particulate only fuel filter applications.

Layered Meltblown / Cellulose or Synthetic Composites:

One or more layers of different fiber size and density meltblown fibers attached to a cellulose or synthetic backing. Used for superior barrier type water separation with graded particle size capture to maximize contaminant capacity.

Hydrophobic Co-Pleated Meltblown / Cellulose / Synthetic Custom Combinations:

Multilayered meltblown components co-pleated with monolayered meltblown / cellulose composites or cellulose; or spunbonded components, or other structural components. These are custom fabricated media that use different layers to meet very specific OEM requirements that cannot be met using commercial media grades alone.

Hydrophilic Co-Pleated Custom Depth Media:

These media are combined to form three stage hydrophilic depth coalescers. There is usually a prefilter/coalescer stage, a droplet release stage, and a final barrier stage. All stages are composed of different media technologies. These devices have the highest emulsion removal efficiencies with the highest flows per unit area of any of the water separators.

Synthetic Wound Filters:

Used in lube bypass applications. Highly efficient for very small soot sized particles removal where extraordinary media depth is required.

Watch the video about Parker Racor media development:

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