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High Performance Engine Filtration in a Snapp

OXE is the worlds first high performance diesel outboard manufactured by CIMCO Marine Diesel.

The OXE is setting new standards for durability, fuel-efficiency and low emissions for an outboard engine. The outboard ustilises a marinised automotive diesel engine that is mounted horizontally and tested over time in line with automotive demand and proven through millions of miles in production cars.

Installed on the OXE is the Racor Snapp, a one piece high performance fuel filter water separator. This product includes two innovations often copied but never quite duplicated: the powerful protection of patented, world-class Aquabloc® filter media and the Racor trademark clear bowl that allows for at-a-glance inspection of fuel system integrity.

The OXE outboard has the philosophy that all parts have their own place, are easy to access and can be changed without having to disassemble the whole unit. The Racor Snapp fits with this giving ease of access for element change-out, no tools are required so the service time is reduced.

The Racor Snapp element change-out uses quick release squeeze tabs and also has quick connect fittings for confident and quick connections into the fuel line. The Racor Snapp is integrated into the modular layout of the OXE outboard, given its proven filtration media and diesel technology it is an extremely robust product constructed from heavy duty high impact nylon that won’t ever rust or corrode, ensuring engine protection from water and particulates. The engine and environment is equally protected by the Racor Snapp, as the element change is a one piece filter so there is no risk of contamination reaching the engine or polluting the surrounding environment. The Racor Snapp reduces service time and protects the environment providing increased user friendliness of the OXE Diesel outboard engine.

The OXE outboard engine has undergone testing and will move into serial production during 2015 and ramp up to full volume production by 2017.

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