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GreenMAX FF/WS Saves $$

Clean is the new green!

GreenMAX is engineered for return on investment, and the operative word is GREEN – delivering a low cost filter change-out and environmentally friendly filter disposal.

GreenMAX is designed with exceptional water-removing efficiencies for both bulk and emulsified water, very low restriction of fuel flow and high dirt-holding capacity. The heart of the system is progressive, dual-stage coalescing and filtration delivered by the patented Aquabloc filter element, a process that makes GreenMAX the new global standard for filtration.

On-engine filters are very expensive to change. On-engine filters protected by a GreenMAX last much longer. Often you can just change the GreenMAX cartridge instead of on-engine filters.

We're Parker Racor and we worry about the quality of your fuel, so you don't have to.

Link to GreenMAX brochure

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