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Engine Return Fuel Recirculation is how it's done! The GreenMAX Fuel Filter Water Separator features an innovative patented technology that utilizes unused warm engine fuel returning to the tank to provide on-demand fuel heat transfer for cold weather operations.

This cold weather feature melts the wax and paraffins that separate from diesel fuel at cold temperatures and restrict fuel flow during the filtration stage. The recirculating valve is self-regulating; it senses fuel temperature and automatically closes once the fuel is warm, and it then returns excess warm fuel back to the tank.

This option includes a fuel recirculation valve that is thermostatically controlled to direct engine return fuel into the GreenMAX prior to the filtration stage. The engine return fuel is mixed with the GreenMAX incoming fuel flow from the fuel tank, providing optimum fuel temperature for efficient fuel filtration and engine performance.

When the fuel system temperature is stabilized for optimum fuel filtration and engine operation, the engine return fuel recirculation valve automatically redirects the engine return fuel to the fuel tank.

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