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On Board Comanche - Transatlantic Race 2015

StartFragment​The Transatlantic Race 2015 is a 2,800-mile race from Newport, R.I., to The Lizard on the southwestern corner of England. This was the 30th transatlantic race since three New York Yacht Club members sponsored the first one in 1866. A fleet of 38 boats—ranging in size from 40 to 140 feet and in age from 100 years to 10 months—departed from Newport in one of three different starts (June 28, July 1 and July 5). They spent from one to three weeks crossing the Atlantic.EndFragment

The Comanche, owned by Silicon Valley's Jim Clark, is one of the fastest sailboats in the world. Onboard is a diesel engine used almost constantly to power hydraulic winches and to "cant" the keel. The engine cannot fail so they are protected from water and other fuel contamination by the Racor 900MAX Turbine series FF/WS.

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