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GreenMax in the Real World #2

Transportation Filtration: GreenMAX™ Fuel Filter Water Separator For 2013 Navistar ProStar with Cummins Engine.

The Challenge:

The opportunity to lower operating expenses and increase fuel economy.

Why Racor was Chosen as the Solution:

The GreenMAX meets the engine requirements, fits current package space held by competitor and was easily installed. It is 4 lbs lighter than the competitor’s product. Additional features offered included, a hand primer pump which allowed the technician to prime the fuel system quickly and direct blend engine return fuel heat with a restriction indicator kit.

Racor’s Solution:

• 4400R02: GreenMAX Fuel Filter

• RK6165804: Engine Return Fuel Heat Kit

• RK 32036-01: Restriction Indicator Kit

How the Solution Works:

Diesel flows into the GreenMAX inlet ports from the fuel tank and passes through the Aquabloc cartridge element. Contaminants and free water are separated from the diesel fuel. Clean dry diesel is then delivered to the engine. The engine return fuel re-circulation valve will keep the engine going by melting the wax collecting on the cartridge element. Know when to service the GreenMAX by installing an optional WIF sensor and restriction indicator. The GreenMAX can easily be primed after service with the hand primer pump.

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