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FBO-10-DPL in the Real World

April 21, 2016

Fuel Dispensing Filtration: FBO-10-DPL Fuel Filter Water Separators for filling up School Buses


The Challenge:


Smith County School Bus Department was experiencing high water concentration in their diesel fuel from an above ground tank. Their fuel dispensing filtration system was not able to handle the high volume (30 gpm) flow capacity and the water/fuel coalescing they needed.


Why Racor was Chosen as the Solution:

Smith County installed two Racor FBO10-DPL fuel filter water separators. With the FBO-10 units, Smith County received the coalescing performance needed. The FBO-10-DPL units provide ease of service, ability to drain water and extend filter life. The ability to use the same filtration system on the current diesel tank and a future gasoline above ground bulk fuel tank was also a great benefit. Now, clean, dry, fuel will be delivered to their school buses. Now there's no reason to dispense dirty fuel into a vehicle's tank.


Product Features:



•     Coalescing options
•     High-capacity
•     Ease of service
•     Die-cast aluminum head
•     Steel bowl assembly
•     Powder coated components




How the Racor Solution Protects the Engine:


Fuel enters the FBO filter system, where Racor engineered media coalesces out water and captures particulates. The result is clean, dry fuel being dispensed from the fuel pump. In turn, the cost effective pre-filtration system provides clean, dry fuel to on-vehicle filters and the engine. Several options of elements are available to meet any diesel fuel filtration requirements.


Contact Information
Parker Hannifin Corporation - Racor Division
800 344 3286 / 209 521 7860 /fax 209 529 3278
racor@parker.com / www.parker.com/racor


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