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GreenMax in the Real World #3

Transportation Filtration: GreenMAX™ Fuel Filter/Water Separator On 2002 Freightliner Truck with Detroit Series 60 Engine.

An LTL carrier located in Scottsbluff, NE., needed a filtration solution that would prevent cold fuel gelling and remove water during the cold, winter months in the Great Plains region.

Racor’s Solution:

• GreenMAX 4400R10 fuel filter/water separator

• 10 micron Aquabloc® element

• High-capacity bowl with heater

Why Racor was Chosen as the Solution:

Racor is a known and respected name in OEM production with an outstanding reputation for quality fuel filtration products. The new and innovative GreenMAX fuel filter water separator is a heavy-duty, high-capacity fuel filter that is perfect for all weather conditions.

The 4400R10 GreenMAX fuel filter was chosen for its easy installation, in bowl heater, high flow rate and capacity, and water removal efficiency.

How the Solution Works:

Diesel flows into the GreenMAX inlet ports from the fuel tank and passes through the Aquabloc cartridge element. Contaminants and free water are separated from the diesel fuel. Clean dry diesel is then delivered to the engine.

The GreenMAX Fuel Filter Water Separator features an in-bowl heater that is thermostatically controlled and self-regulating, automatically shutting down once target fuel temperature is achieved. An optional recirculating valve is also available, this innovative patented technology utilizes unused warm engine fuel returning to the tank to provide on-demand fuel heat transfer for cold weather operations. This cold weather feature melts the wax and paraffins that separate from diesel fuel at cold temperatures (cloud point) and restrict fuel flow during the filtration stage. Know when to service the GreenMAX by installing an optional WIF sensor and restriction indicator.

The GreenMAX can easily be primed after service with the hand primer pump.

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