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GreenMax in the Real World #4

Ag & Construction: GreenMAX™ Fuel Filter/Water Separator On Tigercat's 845C Feller Buncher

The Application:

4400R10 GreenMAX installed as a Primary Fuel Filter Water Separator on Tigercat’s 845C Feller Buncher.

The Challenge:

Tigercat designs and builds premium quality, purpose-built forestry equipment for felling, transporting, processing and loading tree length and cut-to-length timber. These machines are used throughout the world in remote locations, therefore making it extremely difficult and costly to service the equipment, not to mention the operators downtime. With their recently upgraded Power Train and the demand for cleaner fuel on the TIER 4 engines, Tigercat wanted to provide their customers the benefit of installing the best fuel filtration system from Racor.


• GreenMAX 4400R10 fuel filter/water separator

• 10 micron Aquabloc® element

• High-capacity bowl (optional heater available)

Why Racor was Chosen as the Solution:

Racor’s GreenMAX fuel filter provided all the features / functions and benefits the customer was looking for in a fuel filter/water separator system, including 150 gph flow rate.

• Extended filter life • Filters dirt rust and water in one • Simple fast service • Built in primer, eliminates service calls • Option for easy start up and operation in cold climates • Racor provided engineering support

GreenMAX is designed with exceptional water removing efficiencies for both bulk and emulsified water, very low restriction of fuel flow, and high dirt holding capacity. The heart of the system is the progressive, dual-stage coalescing and filtration delivered by the patented Aquabloc filter element. There are heater options available for very cold climate conditions; a 200W in-bowl heater and an engine return fuel heater. Both are thermostatically controlled and self regulating, automatically shutting down once target fuel temperature is achieved.

How the Solution Works:

GreenMAX filter assemblies protect precision engine components from dirt, rust, algae, asphaltines, varnishes and water, which are common in engine fuels. The filters remove contaminates from fuel using the following two stage process.

Stage One: Water Coalescing

Water droplets coalesce on the outside of a specially treated composite media. As the droplets grow in size, being heavier than fuel, they fall into the collection bowl to be drained away. Importantly, the large surface area of the pleated media helps to slow fuel velocity, enabling extraordinary water removal efficiency.

Stage Two: Fuel Filtration

Engineered, pleated and corrugated media filters microscopic particles of dirt and rust.

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