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Throwback Thursday:

These old Racor spokesmen had the right idea... and it still holds true today. Racor fuel filter/separators ARE the best first mate your engine can have.

RACOR - (still) the most trusted name in marine engine protection.


(The) Racor fuel filter/separator is the best first mate your engine can have - it cleans fuel thoroughly, leaving it virtually 100% free of water and solid contamination. Water-repelling Aquabloc® filters guarantee safe, trouble-free operation.

Popeye knows that damaging water, rust, algae and dirt are no match for Racor gasoline fuel filters/water separators. Their spin-on Aquabloc® elements protect engines while improving performance and making service quick and easy for inboard engines.

(Popeye name and cartoon graphic is the property of ©2016 King Features Syndicate, Inc.)

(Noah looks like a well-respected and influential Racor design engineer of years ago)

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