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GreenMax in the Real World #5

Transportation Filtration: GreenMAX™ Fuel Filter/Water Separator 6600R10 for FedEx Delivery Van

The Application:

Heaven Bound Truck & Auto needed a more cost effective solution to achieve optimum filtration and water separating capabilities. They were also looking for better alternatives to extend the life of the final stage on-engine filter.

Why Racor was Chosen as the Solution:

GreenMAX’s ease of service was a big feature in this case. Also, the high quality Aquabloc® filter media appealed to the needs of Heaven Bound Truck and Auto. The customer appreciated the fact that the GreenMAX traps 98% of particles at the 10 micron level, and has a water removal efficiency of 99%. On top of all that, the mounting design of the GreenMAX made the transition to Racor filtration quick and easy.The customer is also aware of all the possible add-ons, such as the in-head and in-bowl heaters, water sensor, and the fuel filter change out indicator, which gives Heaven Bound Truck & Auto future flexibility in meeting their client’s needs.

Racor's Solution:

Racor’s solution was the GreenMAX fuel filter water separator, part number 6600R10. The GreenMAX filter was the ideal upgrade to the competitor filter installed.

• GreenMAX 6600R10 fuel filter/water separator

• 10 micron Aquabloc® element

• High-capacity bowl (optional heater available)

How the Solution Works:

Diesel flows into the GreenMAX inlet ports from the fuel tank and passes through the Aquabloc cartridge element. Contaminants and free water are separated from the diesel fuel. Clean, dry diesel is then delivered to the engine. Know when to service the GreenMAX by installing an optional WIF sensor and restriction indicator. The GreenMAX can easily be primed after service with the optional hand primer pump. (Also from Racor, air filtration on FedEx vehicles.)

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