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Engine Air: Pre-Cleaner Torture Test

Video Clip: Durability Demonstration of Racor Spinaire Dynamic Pre-Filter

Equipment operated in dusty environments require more periodic maintenance and experience more down time. The filter element in the air cleaner requires more frequent replacement as the level of dust increases. A plugged filter reduces power, fuel economy, and engine component life.

Racor Spinaire Series Engine Air Precleaners are designed to be mounted on or connected to the air filter intake of a gasoline or diesel engine. Applications include all slow moving and industrial equipment such as agricultural machinery, earth moving, construction, mining equipment, pumping plants, generator sets, material handling equipment, snow removal equipment, and street sweepers.Removes up to 90% of impurities from intake air before the air enters the filter. Extends engine air filter life and reduces equipment down time. Also prolongs engine and turbocharger life and saves on fuel costs.

Product Features: Works for a wide range of applications and flow rates • Steel housing, black powder coat • High air flow, low restriction design • Self-powered and self-cleaning • Very low maintenance

Other Racor Dynamic Air Pre-cleaners:

Racor Engine Air Pre-Cleaner Application

AFAP Series (page 23 of brochure below)

Heavy-Duty Off-Highway Air Pre-Cleaners For Agriculture, Construction and Stationary Applications

AFHP Series (page 24) Heavy-Duty On-Highway Pre-Cleaners For Mobile Equipment Applications

AFUP Series (page 25) On-Highway/Off-Highway Air Pre-Cleaners For Under-Hood Applications

Spinaire Series (page 26) Engine Air Precleaners

EACP Series (page 27) Composite Dynamic Air Precleaners

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