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Smart Boat Owner Easily Replaces Corroded Gas Filter with a Racor SNAPP

The Challenge:

This recreational fishing boat owner was looking for a high quality fuel filter/ water separator to easily replace his leaky, old, and corroded competitor fuel filter. He found the Racor SNAPP to be the high performance, direct bolt-on replacement he was looking for.

Why Racor SNAPP was Chosen as the Solution:

The SNAPP fuel filter water separator was chosen for its compact size, easy servicing and high quality filtration. The ability to see and drain collected water was also a great benefit.

How the Solution Works:

The SNAPP fuel filter water separator utilizes Aquabloc® filtration media. Water droplets are stopped on the surface of the media, where they grow in size, and being heavier than fuel, fall into the collection bowl to be drained away. The large surface area of the pleated media allows lower fuel face velocity, enabling extraordinary water removal efficiency.

Customer Quote:

“It fit perfectly, and the package of different size connectors made it easy to make the tight corners. It snapped right on, and I have no more unnecessary bend in my fuel line. Because of your help and the filter’s easy installation I have a new confidence that my fuel filter will not leak, and that I can replace it without putting me or my family in jeopardy.” - Jeff

Racor’s Solution:

SNAPP Fuel Filter Water Separator, part number 23106-10:

• One-piece FF/WS • 10 micron element • Easy filter changeouts, no tools required • Clear contaminant collection bowl for on-the-spot inspection • 90 degree and straight quick-connect fittings available • Compact size

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