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You Deserve an Upgrade: GreenMAX™ Universal Frame Mount Retrofit Kit

The new RK61776 universal frame-mounted retrofit kit allows customers to conveniently and easily upgrade to GreenMAX fuel filter/water separators.

Retrofit in less than 1 hour!

Kit Includes:

• Fittings • Hose clamps • Hoses • Adaptors • WIF jumper and assembly • Heater jumper and assembly • Bowl wrench

Racor’s GreenMAX is engineered for return on investment, and the operative word is GREEN - delivering a low cost filter change-out, low-cost per operation and environmentally friendly filter disposal. The GreenMAX Series cartridge fuel filter/water separators remove water and dirt to protect and extend the life of final high efficiency fuel filters.

Racor’s GreenMAX™ (On the Right) is a heavy-duty, cartridge fuel filter/water separator with electric and return-fuel heat options for cold weather operation using diesel and biodiesel blends. Electric heaters located in the water collection bowl help with cold weather starting.

For full power operation, a fuel blending system mixes hot fuel returning from the engine with cold fuel from the tank to obtain the right fuel temperature to keep the engine running. Fuel injection systems also benefit from the best water separation and contaminant removal using Racor’s Aquabloc® water repelling media.

GreenMAX™ is designed with exceptional water-removing efficiencies for both bulk and emulsified water, very low restriction of fuel flow and high dirt-holding capacity. The heart of the system is progressive, dual-stage coalescing and filtration delivered by the patented Aquabloc® filter element, a process that makes GreenMAX™ the new global standard for filtration.

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GreenMAX™ High-Performance All-Weather Filtration:

  • Patented, Progressive Two-Stage Aquabloc® Media filtration

  • Optional Hot Engine Return Fuel Recirculating Heater

  • Hand primer or fill port

  • Ultra-High Efficiency + Capacity using Aquabloc® media

  • Trademark Racor Clear Bowl & Quick Turn Self –Venting Drain

  • Heavy-Duty Design & Construction

  • Flow rate: 150 gph (560 lph)

  • Connections: Dual inlet/outlet ports

  • Micron rating: 2, 10, and 30 micron media available

  • Filter: Diesel and biodiesel blends

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