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Stainless Steel T-Handle Gauge for 900, 1000, 500* Racor Turbine Series: RK23284

Order Part number RK23284

Vacuum/restriction indicators monitor filter condition as the filter slowly becomes clogged with contaminants.

As the filter gets dirty, restriction increases and less fuel is delivered to the engine causing the engine to lose power and eventually stall.

By installing a vacuum/restriction indicator in your fuel system, visual monitoring of filter condition is possible at a glance, increasing fuel system troubleshooting efficiency, eliminating guess work,and lengthening filter change-out intervals.

Racor’s stainless steel T-handle design with vacuum gauge fits 900, 1000 and 500 (made after 2002) Turbine Series fuel filter/water separators, including UL marine listed models (MA versions).

• Compatable with 900, and 1000 Turbine Series

• Compatable with 500FG Turbine Series made after December 2002*

• UL approved for use on marine listed models (MA versions). • Eliminates the guesswork from fuel filter maintenance • Lowers operational costs and extends filter life

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Parker Hannifin Corporation Racor Division P.O. Box 3208 / 3400 Finch Road Modesto, CA 95353 phone 800 344 3286 /209 521 7860 fax 209 529 3278 /

*500FG Turbine Series made before January 2002 do not have enough thread depth in the center tube pipe to accept the RK23284 T-handle gauge. If current T-handle threaded shaft portion is less than 1" long then the filter housing was made before 2002.

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