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Parker Engine Mobile OE: Racor Products Blog & Information - North America

Lucky 13 CUT Sheets to Help You Build the Right Racor Part Number

Racor Cut Sheets

The Racor cut sheets are an easy to use guide that include specifications, dimensions and part numbers. A helpful "Build Your Own Part Number" table is included to create the perfect assembly for your application:

GreenMax Fuel Filters 900FH, 1000FH Turbine Series

ECO-TL Air Cleaners 75500FGX Turbine Series

SNAPP Fuel Filters 75500MAX Turbine Series

FBO Fuel Filters 75900FHX, 751000FHX Turbine Series

500FG Turbine Series 75900MAX, 751000MAX Turbine Series

500MA Turbine Series 731000FH Turbine Series

771000FH Turbine Series

Featured Products

New DC Filter

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