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Racor bowl look like this? Replace NOW!

Boating Season is Fully Underway.

Sure, you did a bow to stern maintenance check before setting out on the water. Nothing left to chance for you. The last thing you need is a breakdown with a boat full of family and friends.You even took the time to change the fuel filter yourself. But did you inspect at that plastic Racor bowl?

Plastic Bowls are a Fuel System Maintenance Item

Pay close attention to the clear plastic collection bowls on gasoline filters. Over the last 30 years, gasoline formulations have changed, and plastic bowl material formulations had to change as well to stay compatible. A notable recent change to gasoline was the addition of 10% ethanol, or E10. If ethanol concentrations exceed 10%, there may be adverse plastic bowl changes; such as loss of clarity, crazing, and shrinkage, eventually causing the bowl to separate from the filter. Bowl age, high temperature, ultraviolet light, and various fuel additives may also negatively impact clear plastic filter bowls.

It is important to routinely inspect your plastic bowl for not only water, but haze, discoloration, and deformation of any kind. A filter bowl should last for many years, but bowl replacement is necessary when signs of material breakdown are observed. For example, bowls manufactured before the availability of E10 gasoline (those without a “PUR or Z” mark on the bottom) should be replaced immediately with bowl number RK 30475. Or go to a metal bowl with RK30473-02. See bulletin EB00033 for more details.

If your bowl looks like the picture above, play it save and replace it now! Play it safe and have a fun boating season!

Click Here for Bowl Maintenance Information EB00033

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