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Got Heat? 600/400 Heater Upgrade

Operating in cold weather can be a challenge, and the last thing you need is waxed diesel fuel clogging up your fuel lines. Get a jump on cold weather driving with your Racor 400 or 600 Series fuel filter by adding a 12 or 24 volt bowl pre-heater today!

The table below lists new part numbers for two of the most popular 12 and 24 volt electric heated bowls for the Racor 400/600 Series fuel filter/water separators. The bowl is a direct replacement for your existing bowl and includes a water-in-fuel probe (requires amplifer to use), and easy service connector harnesses.

Note: Because of on-vehicle power limitations, electric heating cannot sufficiently heat high fuel flows. However, if paraffin wax begins to plug the fuel filter, the flow through the filter begins to slow until the flow rate is low enough for the fuel heater to be effective; and the filter can still pass sufficient fuel to allow the engine to run and get warmed up. This flow may not be sufficient to run the engine under load.

Contact: Parker Engine Mobile Original Equipment Division Racor Fuel Product Line 3400 Finch Road Modesto, CA 95353 800 344 3286 / 209 521 7860

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