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FAQ Spotlight: "UL" and "TUL" printed on Racor filters; what is the difference?

"UL" stands for Underwriters Laboratory. Filters used for onboard marine applications require UL certification. The "T" in "TUL" means the filter is a 10 micron rated.

Ten micron rated "T" UL spin-on filter

Today’s high-performance gasoline inboard and outboard engines require clean, dry fuel. Racor filters offer the improved features and peace-of-mind that come with our quality fuel filter/water separators.

  • Clear contaminant collection bowl with drain valve for outboards only

  • 10 micron Aquabloc® Synergy media is standard

  • High capacity and long life

  • Rated 98% efficient at 10 micron per SAE test procedures

  • Corrosion-resistant construction.

  • Metal bowl units for inboard powered boats meet 33 CFR and USCG regulations

  • Meets ABYC standard for gasoline-powered vessels

  • High-capacity and long life

  • Corrosion-resistant construction

  • Metal (onboard) and clear (outboard) contamination bowls

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