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Keep It Clean.

Racor Portable Diesel Fuel Filtration Cart.

Prefiltration and transfer of diesel and biodiesel fuels is critical in maintaining today's fuel injection systems and extending system component life.

Tight tolerances and higher system pressures require significant improvement in fuel cleanliness and quality.

The Parker Diesel Fuel Cart delivers on the promise of high efficiency removal of harmful contaminants that impact injector life and compromise engine performance. Like most fuels, diesel requires filtration prior to use and after long periods of storage.

The use of the Parker Diesel Fuel Cart is a practical and economical maintenance tool that contributes to optimum engine performance, regardless of application.


  • Filtering new fluid before putting into service

  • Transferring fluid from drums or storage tanks to system reservoirs

  • Conditioning bulk fluid in storage tanks

  • Compliments existing system filtration

  • Removes free and emulsified water from a system


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