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Save Money with Racor: How Polishing Systems Can Save You a Boatload

Whether you own a small sail boat or a big yacht, bad fuel can ruin any day on the water. Dirt and sludge can break loose from the bottom of a diesel fuel tank, enter the fuel system, plug filters, and shut down your engine. Or you can simply take on a bad load of diesel that is full of water and debris. Unfortunately you may not find out until it is too late and you’re already out in the middle of the ocean.

Racor filters are known for their ability to stop water, dirt and sludge from entering your fuel system. However if you have a bad load of fuel, filters can clog very quickly (that’s their job), shutting down your boat, and ruining an otherwise great day on the water. Not only did your day just get ruined, but now you’re stranded; a very dangerous situation for you and your passengers.

So how do you avoid this happening to you? Two words: fuel polishing. Fuel polishing is a way to pre-filter and clean your fuel, before you get out on the water.

Fuel tank cleaning companies typically charge about 250 dollars to clean your average 30 gallon sailboat tank, not to mention the other surcharges and fees they add on if they need to go out to the marina to service your vessel. And if you have a bigger 1000 gallon or more tank, these companies charge about 25 cents for every gallon filtered. As you can see this can get very expensive, especially if you tend to have water and sludge issues on a reoccurring basis.

Thankfully Racor has released a line of products which when used as part of a regular maintenance program, will allow you to polish your fuel every time you take on fuel; keeping your tank clean and free of water and contaminants.

For the typical small boat with a 30 gallon tank, we offer the P510MAM Marine Fuel Polishing system. This fuel polisher passed the U.S. Coastguard fire test required for inboard marine use (not for commercial vessels). The integrated diesel fuel pump is capable of flowing up to 60 gallons per hour; which means you can polish the whole tank in about 30 minutes. The unit also comes with a stainless steel water probe, which when combined with one of our detection modules will alert you to the presence of water. The units come standard with a 10 micron filter, featuring Racor’s patented Aquabloc media that you already know and trust.

Why risk letting bad fuel ruin your boating day? With the Racor P510MAM you can polish your tank every time you take on fuel; with just two or three uses the units will pay for themselves, and help you avoid issues in the future.

And for those who have bigger tanks, don’t worry, Racor has you

covered as well. We also offer a full line of portable polishing carts ​with flows up to 20 gpm. No matter what size tank you have, Racor has a diesel fuel polishing product to fit your needs.

Please contact our technical support at for any questions, on these or any other Racor products.

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