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SNAPP. The Fuel Filter Change That Changes Everything

SNAPP™ for Marine, Mobile and Stationary Small Gasoline and Diesel Engines

The world relies on Racor for innovative filtration solutions that provide the best engine protection against water and solid contamination. Starting from scratch, Racor engineers built and tested several iterations of a new filter design that resulted in a unique, easy to service, high performance fuel filtration system.

The SNAPP™ filter consists of a one-piece engineering plastic body with a clear bowl section that allows for visual fuel inspection, just like other spin-on fuel filter/water separators. But this advanced design doesn’t have seals to swell or threads to bind; making filter change-outs quick, clean, and painless. Just snap the housing into the included steel bracket, snap on the quick connect fittings and you’re done! SNAPP™ brings big protection to small engines up to 140 horsepower or 40 gallons per hour fuel flow. Simple installation and a patented priming system now makes protecting your engine investment… a SNAPP™!

The heart of the SNAPP™ fuel filter is the genuine Racor Aquabloc® media, well known for its superior water separation and contamination removal performance found in all Racor filter systems. The drain and bowl themselves are familiar Racor designs so draining any contaminants or water will be as easy as changing out the filter itself.

First time installation of the SNAPP™ is straightforward; involving a minimum of tools and time. The universal steel bracket is compact and has mounting holes that fit many popular existing mounting locations. So the next time you need an upgrade or a new installation, consider adding the superior performance of a Racor SNAPP™ fuel filter system.


Flow rate: up to 40 gph (150 lph) (Note: using 2 micron media in gasoline)

Connections: Straight and elbow quick connects for for 3/8" or 5/16" id fuel hose

Micron rating: 2, 10 or 30 micron

Filter: Gasoline, diesel fuel or B20 biodiesel

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